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United States Martial Arts ‘Hall of Fame’ legend, Kevin James is finally back home in Denver.

Meet Your Instructor KEVIN JAMES

  • 50 years of exhaustive study, training & competitive experience in the martial Arts. Since 1968, starting at the young age of seven.
  • United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame (USMAF), a 2017 nominee for Military & Law Enforcement Defense Tactics Instructor of the Year
  • Former Head Judo Coach at Tap Out® gym of Los Angeles, California. Some of the biggest names in the UFC©, Bellator©, StrikeForce, OneFC©, K-1 Kickboxing, Glory Kickboxing, Pride©, USA Wushu, and professional boxing have trained at Tap Out LA regularly. 
    • USA Boxing – a student of the sweet science of boxing since the age of ten. Trained under ‘Hall of Fame’ boxing coach Ken Loehr in St. Louis, Missouri who is best known for training and mentoring undisputed WBA/WBC World Champions Leon and Michael Spinx to fame. Kevin James enjoyed a spectacular amateur career with 28 wins, one loss and a short stint at Golden Gloves competition where won four bouts before losing to a highly controversial decision. Coach Loehr was the U.S. Head Coach for the World Games, the Goodwill Games, and the Pan American Games. Coach Loehr was inducted into the Golden Gloves Hall of Fame in 1988 and the USA Boxing Hall of Fame in 2005. Kevin James continues to study the sweet science even 35 years after his competitive career.
    • KODOKAN JUDO5th Degree Black Belt as certified by four prestigious organizations; the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo-Japan, the United States Judo Federation (USJF), NANKA Judo of Southern California, Combat Judo International©, and the hand of Grandmaster Kaichi Tei-10th dan of the Shiseikai Aikibudo International Hombu.
      • Kevin James holds master degree black belt rank in both Judo and traditional Japanese Aikibudo/JuJitsu as awarded by the Shiseikai Aikibudo Honbu which is one of the most respected budo institutions in the world.
      • Rank awarded by SSKAB is accredited by the Japan Ministry of Education and sanctioned by His Royal Majesty the Menji Emperor.
    • CHUNG DO KWAN TAEKWONDO – 4th Degree Black Belt (master teacher) of non-sport Korean Karate as certified by the World Taekwondo Association (WKA) and the hand of legendary Grandmaster Duk Sung Son-9th degree black belt. Kevin James also taught classes for Denver’s own Supreme Grandmaster Jung Kil Kim (9th dan) founder and owner of Tiger Kim’s Academy, President of Colorado State AAU Taekwondo Olympic Committee, former Vice President of the Korea Taekwondo Association, and an official delegate of the Kukkiwon in Korea to the United States.
  • JEET KUNE DO – Instructor competent with 40 years’ of exhaustive cross-training, research, and direct training under former personal students of the late Bruce Lee. Kevin James has earned multiple training certificates from the great Jesse Glover (Bruce Lee’s first student in the USA and first assistant instructor), Richard Bustillo, Ted Wong, and Dan Inosanto.
  • Master James has competed at the highest levels of sport budo and medaled in some of the most prestigious US National and Pan American events in the arts of Kodokan Judo (USJA, USJF & AAU), Taekwondo, Freestyle Karate (ISKF-JKA, SKF, AKF, AFKA, & USKA), and full-contact no-pads, no-gloves Kumite. 

Dedicated to serving his country, Kevin James is a Desert Storm era veteran of the United States Naval Special Operations community. 
Kevin served for over 10 years as an elite Special Operations Parachutist and cross-trained NEC-9502 Master Training Specialist.
The NEC-9502 Master Training Specialist job classification and rating is the highest certification attainable awarded from the US Department of Defense and conferred upon a military combat instructor. 
Kevin James is considered a subject matter expert in all aspects of maritime interdiction operations, riverine warfare, clandestine ship-boarding, small unit tactics, movement, weapons, survival, and special operations combatives.
In a leadership capacity, Kevin was personally responsible for research, testing and evaluation of combat tactics, producing and teaching combat course curriculum to his peers who include; Navy SEAL teams, Special Warfare Combatant-Crewmen (SWCC), Explosive Ordinance Disposal technicians, and other Special Operations Forces. As an elite Navy Special Warfare Operator, Kevin served in more than 20 countries and participated in numerous direct action missions.
After finishing his military career, Kevin worked as a tactical instructor for a Colorado area Fugitive Law Enforcement Apprehension Group (F.L.A.G.). In 2004, Kevin worked as an anti-terrorism force protection trainer for Private Military Companies engaged in post-war, high-risk diplomatic security missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, and regions Africa.

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RISK OF INJURY DISCLAIMER AND WAIVER– All prospective students must read this disclaimer and risk of injury waiver. Before participating in training you must accept all terms and conditions described herein or you will not be allowed to train.

  1. Always seek professional medical advice before participating in any rigorous sports program or martial arts training, particularly if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure or asthma. (2) Be advised that physical injuries can and do often occur in martial arts training. (3) Always wear appropriate protective equipment which includes; full face protection, a mouthpiece, groin protection, shin pads, foot pads, and forearms pads) during kickboxing sparring sessions. When grappling always were proper ear protection, a mouthpiece, groin protection and wear a clean, durable uniform. (4) Sparring is permitted only under the careful supervision of qualified instructor/coach and protective gear must be worn. Failure to adhere to this rule is grounds for immediate termination of member and forfeiture of dues owed and outstanding future balances paid in full. (5) This organization accepts no responsibility or liability for blatant student negligence or irresponsibility resulting in personal injury to oneself or to another. (6) Prospective course participants must agree with all terms and conditions in the Student Enrollment Agreement and sign an Injury and Damages Liability Waiver prior to training.