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Enjoy learning authentic COMBAT MIXED MARTIAL ARTS from distinguished Master-Teacher K.D. James;

  • Member of the United States Martial Arts ‘Hall of Fame’
  • 16 year Special Operations military veteran – Authored personal combatives course training curriculum.
  • 50 years’ experience in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and American full-contact mixed martial arts.
  • Elite US National & International competitor; Gold & Silver Medalist in Judo (AAU/USJF & USJA), ISKF Karate, AFKA Karate & IKKA Freestyle Kenpo.

You will discover the TRUTH about real world self-defense and the blue print to WINNING after just three months at Iron Dragon Martial Arts Academy compared to an entire year anywhere else. This is my guarantee.”

KEVIN JAMES-Sifu, Owner & Chief Instructor

Meet Sifu-Kevin James member of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame legend and one of the credentialed and accomplished master-teachers of combat mixed martial arts alive today.

What Unique Qualities & Characteristics Separate Sifu-James from thousands of other MMA coaches.

  • Sifu-James has been passionately active in the martial arts since 1968, starting at the young age of seven.
  • Kevin and his brother Ron Ray James were the first African American youth (and pair of brothers) to collectively hold California state Judo championship titles in their respective age and weight division at the same time AND compete in the A.A.U. Junior Olympics.
  • Sifu James holds multiple certificates in Bruce Lee’s fighting philosophy of Jeet Kune Do having invested 35 years in live classroom study learning directly from Sigung-Jesse Glover (Bruce Lee’s first student and first Assistant Co-Instructor), Sigung-Howard Williams (the youngest student of Bruce Lee who was allowed to train alongside men while only 15 years old), Sigung-Richard Bustillo, Sigung-Ted Wong & Guro-Dan Inosanto.
  • Internationally certified Black Belt (master degree holder) in Korean Tang Soo Do, Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo and Japanese Kodokan Judo.

Many other training experiences and accolades during Sifu-James’ 50 years on the warrior path that are too numerous to publish here. (See the photo gallery)

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NOTICE OF RISK AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Always seek professional medical advice before participating in any rigorous sports program or martial arts training. Be advised that physical injuries can and do often occur in martial arts training. Always wear appropriate individual protective equipment and spar only under careful supervision.

This organization accepts no responsibility or liability for student negligence or irresponsibility resulting in personal injury to oneself or to another. Prospective course participants must agree with all terms and conditions in the Student Enrollment Agreement and sign an Injury and Damages Liability Waiver prior to training.