IRON DRAGON Academy and Fitness offers to the general public, the most physically and psychologically challenging mixed martial arts combatives training regime outside of the United States Special Operations military community. It doesn’t get better.

For athletes with the talent, willingness, and discipline to put in the work to become a future champion, we offer world-class coaching in Judo, USA Boxing, International Wushu Sanda (Chinese MMA), Hybrid Submission Wrestling, and full-contact Mixed Martial Arts.

Founded in 1996, Iron Dragon Academy is led by USA ‘Hall of Fame’ master-teacher Kevin James; 3 time U.S. National Judo champion, a 1985 US Armed Forces Judo gold medalist, and a 2-time IKKA karate champion.

If you’re ready to take your physical fitness conditioning, strength and martial arts skills to the highest level attainable, then IRON DRAGON JKD & COMBAT JUDO is for you.

 Make your MIND like IRON!

Make your BODY like IRON!

Make your SPIRIT like IRON!

In this video clip Master James exposes one of the biggest flaws that 99-out-of-100 MMA fighters make, but make they don’t even realize it. Master James corrects these very serious ‘structural flaws’ that untrained fighters bring to the MMA game.

Notice that when a fighter leans forward too much as is a very common practice when striking, you take away your ability to use the lead leg. Stop leaning forward so much.

Your lead leg should always be prepared to sweep, intercept or strike on demand. In other words, fighters unknowingly take an important weapon out of the fight because of inefficient body structure or posture. Master James demonstrates three training drills to help you overcome those bad habits.

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