COMBAT JUDO is a modern interpretation of Judo that incorporates a wide range of multi-cultural expressions of extreme close quarters grappling arts. Most of those arts derived their core principles from pre-1945 Kodokan Judo.

The primary difference between Olympic Sport Judo and Combat Judo is that the latter emphasizes training principles aimed at battlefield effectiveness and as situations dictate, compliance with force continuum principles.

Combat Judo training curriculum does include weapons training, multiple attacker scenarios, hostile subject resisting arrest-restraint, control and tactical handcuffing.

Here are a few martial art systems and styles that fall within the genre of Combat Judo:

  • Aiki-Jujutsu | Aikibudo | Aikido | Hapkido | Kuk Sul Won | Hwa Rang Do | Han Mu Do | Sun Do Sul

  • Small Circle Jujitsu | Kenpo Jujitsu | American Combat Jujitsu Systems | Gracie Jiu-jitsu | Kajukenbo

  • Pancrase | Catch Wrestling | Russian SAMBO

  • Nubian Montu Combative Systems | Elbe Ogun | Lutte Traditionnelle | Niolo of Angola | Nubian Wrestling | Tahtib

  • Vietnamese Cuong Nhu  | Dau Vat | Vovinam or Viet Vo Dao

  • Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) | Dumog (Filipino Wrestling) Doce Pares Multi-style | Eskrido (Eskrima, Jujitsu & Judo Blended) | Pencak Silat | Kuntao Silat | Maphilindo Silat | Majapahit Kali

  • Silat Suffian Bela Diri (Brunei combatives)

  • Malla-Yuddah (Combat Grappling of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh)

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