Iron Dragon JKD & Combat Judo Academy gladly welcomes students of all ethnic groups, religious beliefs, gender, physical challenges, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background. Everyone is treated like family here.

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Students can take advantage of one-on-one private instruction or semi-private small group instruction from the Iron Dragon JKD instructor of their choice.
Your instructor will design a customized lesson plan and training curriculum based on the unique needs of the individual student. Some of the benefits of private lessons include:
  • Undivided attention on the individual student’s needs and goals.
  • Accelerating learning and skill development
  • Intense training, attribute development drills, sparring and mental condition in preparation for tournaments or rank examination testing
  • Improvement and perfection of specific techniques, forms, or fight strategy
  • Self-defense instruction, including skill specific certification for students interested in teaching others
  • A tailored fitness exercise and diet program


Directly With Kevin James Instructor:

  • $400.00 for each 120 minute/2 hour training session ($800 for each 4-hour block of training)
  • $225.00 for 90 minutes (semi-private, 2 people). *Minimum 16 hour block.
  • $200.00 for 90-minutes (semi-private, 3 up to 5 people)* Minimum 16 hour block.
  • $3200.00 for 16 hours/a 2-day full seminar (class capacity up to 24 people (assistant instructor included)

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