JUDAH JAMES – is a new millennial pioneer in combat fitness performance sciences, a published author, an elite strength and conditioning coach to world class professional and collegiate athletes, a MusclePharm© Brand Ambassador, and life-time practitioner of the martial arts.


  • Creator of Primal Power Combat Fitness Strength and Conditioning™  – a revolutionary approach towards the development of explosive strength and increased endurance for mission specific tasks. The Primal Power CFS  regime incorporates tailored nutritional advice, psychological personal empowerment concepts, and workouts designed to maintain optimal fitness once attained.

  • World Class Fitness Coach To Professional & Olympic-level Athletes & Elite Martial Artists 

  • MusclePharm® Brand Ambassador & Product Sponsor

  • UFC Gym®, Striking Coach & Combat Conditioning Coach

  • Certified Master Personal Trainer, U.S. Army MFTC-ATRSS, dL Course Number: 9E-S16P/920-ASIP5

  • CJI® Certified Combat Judo Black Belt

  • HCT® Certified LII Krav Maga Instructor

  • State of Colorado Licensed Armed Security Specialist & CCW Certified

  • 10 Years in Jeet Kune Do Concepts & Full-contact Wushu Sanda 

  • 6+ Years in SSS Sambo

  • Son of Grand-master Kevin James – a 2017 United States Martial Arts ‘Hall of Fame’ legend and Executive Director of Combat Judo International. One of the most credentialed military special operations close quarters combat instructors and tournament champions in the history of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Sport Accomplishments & Highlights

  • Ranked the #13th fastest 60 meters and 100-meter dash collegiate track and field athlete in the nation by RMAC (Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference).  Less than one second short of matching the Olympic World record.
  • Strength and conditioning coach to world-class professional athletes.
  • Combat Judo black belt offering small group and private instruction in self-defense focused practical Judo.
  • Lifetime martial artist and Combat Sports Conditioning Coach on staff with the UFC Gym.
  • Published Author and Motivational Speaker.
  • MusclePharm ‘Brand Ambassador


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