Wushu Sanshou (武术) also called, Sanda, is a brutal, no-holds-barred Chinese military fighting system. There are two different versions of Sanshou. The original version was developed exclusively for military applications. The later or modern version is a much safer, modified ring sport.

Sanshou resembles a combination of Western boxing, kickboxing (Muay Thai and Kung Fu/Karate), and dynamic Judo style foots-weeps and body throws.

Wushu is a term used to describe the entire collective body of martial art styles practiced in China and all Asian martial arts in general.

Over its long history, Wushu has developed into numerous distinct styles and systems, each incorporating their own techniques, tactics, principles and methods, as well as the use of a wide variety of traditional weaponry.

Competition bouts take place on an elevated platform called a “leitai”, which is 8cm in height, 8m in width and 8m in length and comprises of a frame covered in high density foam with a canvas cover. On the ground surrounding the platform is a protective cushion that is 30cm in height and 2 meters in width. Competing athletes wear protective gear which includes a head-guard, chest protector and gloves, as well as a mouth-guard and a jockstrap.

Competition bouts comprise of 3 rounds in total, each lasting two minutes with a one minute rest period between rounds. Apart from illegal blows and methods, Sanda athletes may employ punching, kicking and throwing techniques from all styles of wushu.

Valid striking areas are: the head, the trunk (including the chest, abdomen, waist and back) and the legs. The full-contact bouts are free flowing and exciting, and athletes are awarded points by the sideline judges for successfully executed techniques based on the scoring criteria.

An athlete will be declared the winner if he or she wins 2 out of the 3 rounds of a bout, or if their opponent is knocked out.

Wushu/Sanda competition includes 11 weight categories for men and 7 weight categories for women.

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